Our identity


Because it is an inherent requirement of everyone who deals with the health of people. And because for us it is not an option, it is an obligation, being the Atlas on which everything we do is supported.


Because we are aware of the position we occupy and of which we must occupy, because we know what is what we know, what we should know and how we should do it. Because it is impossible to be a good doctor without being honest with your patients and, above all, honest with ourselves.

Because teamwork is not a virtue but a conscious and voluntary choice that arises by building bonds of trust. Because teamwork is the ability to project together towards a common vision. And because the ability to direct individual achievements toward organizational goals is the fuel that allows ordinary people to achieve uncommon results.


Because without passion, you have no energy. And without energy, you have nothing. In the world there is nothing great that is achieved without passion.


Because life is only valid when it is given little by little to others, and because great achievements require great efforts. Because it would be absurd to ask the calculation what self-denial can give. Because to a great heart no ingratitude closes it, no indifference tires it. Because only big souls are filled with little and because what comes from the heart, carries the nuance and warmth of its place of origin.


Because productivity is never an accident, but the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and collective effort. Because when you are surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment to a common purpose, everything is possible. And because only commitment is capable of converting promises into realities.