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The Unit of Healing of Ulcers and Diabetic Foot of IVEI | Clínica Vascular Marbella is a multidisciplinary team specialized in Angiology and Vascular Surgery and minimally invasive endovascular therapies in which highly qualified specialists in nursing and podiatry are integrated.

The latest technological advances in minimally invasive revascularization treatments, laser techniques, oxygen application techniques and vacuum cure techniques (VAAC) are available in our unit and we are pioneers in the healing of complex and multifactorial ulcers.

Teamwork and early diagnosis and treatment are the key to the success of our patients, since in a first consultation we can make a diagnosis of the cause of the ulcer and make an estimate of the personalized cardiovascular risk of the lesion by means of diagnostic tests non-invasive vascular (Doppler studies).

If you have any doubt about ulcers and lesions in diabetic patients, or if you have diabetes and want to know your particular risk of amputation in the future, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you in the most appropriate way.

Diabetic food ulcers healing


All foot ulcers in a diabetic patient should be diagnosed and treated by specialized units composed of angiologist, vascular surgeon, specialized nursing and podiatrist.

A diabetic foot ulcer can reach the amputation of the limb, so it must be treated from the beginning as something important no matter how minimal the injury seems. All actions must be carried out with the support of a multidisciplinary team that provide guidelines of complementary treatments such as diabetes control (insulin therapy if necessary), treatment of the infection with antibiotic therapy.

Diabetic foot revascularization


The best treatment for ischemia in this type of foot is revascularization. This is: increase the oxygen supply to it. It is an approach that should be carried out as soon as the ulcer appears, since only in this way can a poor prognosis be prevented and, therefore, the possibility of amputation.

The revascularization of the diabetic foot can be open (by-pass) or endovascular. The latter is done through a very small approach (puncture of about 2 mm) through which catheters are introduced through which the stenotic area is reached.

Podiatry of the diabetic foot


Nail treatment Treatment of diabetic foot onychomycosis. Ingrown toenails. Interdigital injuries. Bony deformities like claw toes. Hyperkeratosis localized. Redness, localized heat.

Biomechanics and footfall


Study of the footfall. Realization of insoles adapted to the biomechanical needs of the foot.


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