In October 2012, Dr. Rubén Rodríguez Carvajal, an Angiologist and Vascular Surgeon trained in centers of excellence at the National and International level, such as the Hospital Complex of Toledo, the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona or the University Hospital of Zürich, moves to the Costa del Sun looking to start their professional activity in the private sector.

After several months of study and analysis of the environment, he concludes that there is a significant deficit of health coverage and quality for patients suffering from vascular diseases, mainly influenced by the suboptimal development of Angiology and Vascular Surgery in the private health area, aggravated by the economic crisis and cuts in Public Health.

He receives underdiagnosed and / or undertreated patients in many occasions in his office, without regulated follow-up and with the need to find a qualified professional who takes charge of his illness.

In order to be able to solve this great problem, the International Vascular and Endovascular Institute (IVEI) was founded in March 2013, a health-care organization that was born with the main objective of offering a service based on excellence in the field of Angiology and Vascular Surgery, offering the most advanced and least invasive therapeutics in the best health centers in the area.

Currently, IVEI maintains a partnership with a multitude of health centers along the Costa del Sol and Cádiz, focusing as hospital centers of reference those belonging to the Quirón Hospital Group. With a large professional group and above all, human, we strive every day to offer the best individualized assistance for the health service.