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In IVEI we have spent years studying and treating the Venous Insufficiency of the extremities and the varicose syndrome in all its spectra. From a medical point of view, it is important to differentiate and catalog varicose veins according to their severity, in order to establish an individualized therapeutic plan with specific objectives.

Varicose veins, in a simple and easy way to understand, can be classified as aesthetic varicose veins (teleangiectasias or spider veins, varicose veins or reticular varicose veins) or pathological varicose veins (truncal, large and raised varicose veins).

Types of varicose veins


Telangiectasias or spider veins are varices of very low pathological grade, very superficial and located in the upper layers of the skin. Generally they are only an aesthetic problem but, in certain occasions, they can produce a sensation of heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

They are distributed mainly by the subdermal tissue, and do not usually constitute a significant risk to health. Even so, sometimes very extensive reticular networks can cause relevant symptoms and be associated with the presence of Venous Insufficiency in other segments such as the pelvis.


In the case of truncal varicose veins – so called because they originate from failure of one of the main saphenous trunks – the mere fact that they are accompanied by symptoms already indicates the need to apply a definitive treatment. They are large and, in general, very painful.

They represent the most advanced stage of varicose disease, where the tissue is damaged due to a chronic inflammation caused by a very poor venous return. They usually translate a severe Venous Insufficiency into some main vein of the superficial system, although they can also be due to defects of function in the deep venous system. They usually appear in the ankle area on a tissue that has previously turned brown. Their form is usually geographical, they are painful and very difficult to cure if we do not treat the origin of the problem.

Our method


A fundamental aspect in our method that directly influences the results is the specialized diagnosis using the color Eco-Doppler, performed by the surgeon who will subsequently apply the treatment. This condition allows us to plan accurately the integral treatment for the same patient, being very precise in its execution.


Always starting with varicose or venous defects that represent a greater risk for the patient from the pathological point of view. Larger varicose veins should ALWAYS be treated first. This not only improves the overall results of the treatments, but also reduces the possible complications and substantially improves the aesthetic results.


Finally, the third fundamental aspect of our method when obtaining the best results is to have all the avant-garde techniques for the treatment of each type of varicose vein. In this way, we are not only precise but, in addition, we guarantee the effectiveness and personalization of each intervention regardless of the characteristics of the venous pathology to be treated.

Available Treatments to Remove Varicose Veins
Pathological Varicose Veins
Sclerotherapy with Microfoam VARIXIO®
Endovenous Mechanical-Chemical Ablation: Flebogrif ® Method
Sealing of saphenous trunks with biological glue: VenaSeal ® method
Thermal Endovenous Ablation: Endolaser / Radio Frequency
Aesthetic Varicose Veins
Escleroterapia con microespuma VARIXIO®
Transcutaneous laser therapy with blue laser

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