Thermal Endovenous Ablation: Endolaser vs Radio Frequency


Thermal endovenous ablation is nowadays the treatment of choice for the insufficiency of incompetent saphenous axes, these are the Saphenous Vein Internal and the Saphenous Vein External, superficial long veins that run the leg on the inside and behind, and which are usually the main point of failure from which the larger and more superficial varicose veins originate. Its initial therapeutic approach is fundamental, since its correct treatment will attack “the cause” of varicose veins and therefore will facilitate and optimize their subsequent treatment.

The sealing of these veins by means of heat emission is the treatment that has more scientific evidence and better results up to 5 years. It is performed percutaneously and with ultrasound vision. Through a single puncture we can treat the entire dysfunctional vein.

The way in which we emit the heat to treat the vein can change if we use a Laser generator or a Radiofrequency generator, giving each method differential characteristics.



The Endolaser Elves Radial® system from Biolitec is probably the most advanced Laser system on the market. This device is characterized by emitting laser light at a wavelength that specifically warms the water of the blood, emitting the laser light in a circumferential way in 360º, allowing us to obtain the maximum efficiency with the minimum emission power.

This aspect minimizes the possible complications of the treatment such as perforations of the treated vessel, burns of the surrounding tissue or postoperative pain, making them practically nonexistent. One of its main characteristics is its versatility, since it allows to treat veins with some tortuosity and above all it allows to treat any Safena vein in any location.



The Venefit® method from Medtronic is the only system of thermal ablation by segments of the market. The catheter has 7 cms of radiofrequency emitter at the tip.

This makes the heat application much more precise and the ablation process much easier to apply. It is the method with the longest term evidence in the literature with excellent results. It is ideal for large-caliber internal saphenous veins with great insufficiency above the knee. Its application below the knee or in Safena external vein area is more limited.

In IVEI we have extensive experience in the use of these devices of last generation, having made more than 300 cases of thermal venous ablation with excellent results and high degree of satisfaction of our patients, being today one of our main weapons against Superficial venous insufficiency.

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