Sealing of saphenous trunks with biological glue | VenaSeal® Method


Sellado troncos safenos con pegamento biológico

The sealing of saphenous trunks with biologic glues represents the vanguard in the treatment of saphenous axes. With this system we obtain a permanent sealing of the main superficial vein “that originates” the varicose veins due to a fail in its valves.

Safeno trunks. Safena Vein Internal and / or external. (Treatment of choice).

This novel system represents the maximum expression of the minimally invasive treatment for venous insufficiency, since it is performed entirely under local anesthesia, it does not require surgical incisions and it also has the advantage that it does not require the use of compression stockings afterwards.

In patients with adequate indication, the two-year results reported in the literature are even superior to the results of heat ablation (Laser or radiofrequency). In IVEI, this treatment is now available for our patients.

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