Endovenous Mechanical-Chemical Ablation | Flebogrif® Method


Flebogrif® is a new minimally invasive, safe and effective method to treat varicose veins without surgery and without pain.

Mechanical-chemical endovenous ablation (Flebogrif®) is a novel treatment system for saphenous trunks which advantage is that does not require heat emission. With the help of an ultrasound scanner, an access system is inserted to put the catheter into the vein to be treated.

This technique, ambulatory and painless, completely eliminates the risk of damaging the nerves and pain caused by heat beacuse it lacks of thermal action, such as when using the technique with Laser or Radio Frequency, allowing a quick recovery with an excellent cosmetic result that lasts.

Flebogrif® is a minimally invasive method to treat varicose veins in less than 30 minutes, without surgery and without pain, with which in most cases you can restart your daily activities without problem after treatment.

In IVEI we have extensive experience with the MOCA Flebogrif® system with a very high level of satisfaction of our patients who have been treated using this technique.

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